Inclusive Movement Center

Matthew Schinelli is an expert on inclusive physical education, recreation, and motor development with more than 25 years of experience coaching and teaching. He’s worked with athletes at every level of ability, from young kids with physical disabilities, to varsity high-school athletes, to elite disabled competitors in his work for the Special Olympics.  He says, “The single most powerful motivator of athletes is not competition. It’s joy: the love of play.” Matt got his Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Old Dominion University (where he was a Division 1 wrestler); and a Masters in Kinesiology (Adapted Physical Education) from The University of Virginia. He served as Director of Training for the Special Olympics, and later helped establish their collegiate sports program at Montclair State University.  He’s been a Health & Physical Education teacher in the Livingston Schools for decades, and formerly coached high-school level soccer and wrestling teams. (IMC Assistant Director Nick Salese had him as a high school soccer coach and calls him, “My favorite coach of all time.”) Prior to opening the Inclusive Movement Center in Montclair, Matt founded a non-profit movement center within New Jersey All People Equal that won the Winston Churchill Fellowship Award for one of the 5 most successful Inclusive Recreation Programs for adults in the world.  Matt says, “By changing the parameters of the obstacle course, I can make an elite athlete feel like a beginner, and a beginner feel like Lebron James. We give people the right level of challenge to reach their personal best.”  Matt has also served as a Director to JCC MetroWest Special Needs Department, and as a member of The Phoenix Center Board of Directors.